Suffering From Diabetic Foot Ulcers or PVD? Our Hartford & Rocky Hill,CT Podiatrists Can Help You With Ultrasound Mist Therapy.  




The Hartford Podiatry Group is excited to offer to our Diabetic and non-Diabetic patients suffering with difficult lesions/ulcers on their feet the power of ULTRASOUND MIST THERAPY.

This revolutionary therapy allows the practitioner to better treat their ulcer patients with difficult wounds. The ultrasonic mist penetrates the wound better and allows for the increased profusion of the ulceration, decreased inflammation and decreased bacteria formation.


Initial injury triggers an inflammatory response within the wound. Controlled inflammation is beneficial, but sustained inflammation can lead to stalled healing. Cellular balance is restored by using ultrasonic mist therapy which reduces sustained levels of inflammation, allowing wound healing to progress.

High levels of bacteria cause delayed wound healing. Using ultrasonic mist therapy helps control and promote healing by causing mechanical stress which leads to bacterial cell death and reduction of bacterial count


Biofilm is a structured community of bacteria tightly enclosed within a self-produced exopolymeric matrix, and its presence is a significant barrier to healing. Since it is metabolically inactive, it is extremely hard to disrupt with topical/ systemic antibiotics, antimicrobials, and/or antiseptics. Simply put…BIOFILM IS BAD. Ultrasonic mist therapy is very effective in disrupting biofilm to promote wound healing.

Whether you are suffering from ulcers due to diabetes or PVD come visit the doctors at the HARTFORD PODIATRY GROUP to get you back on your feet and ulcer free!