What’s Going On with my Tingling Feet?

It’s normal for your feet to tingle once in a while. It can happen when you put pressure on a nerve by sleeping in an awkward position or by sitting without moving for a period of time. You probably even have words for this sensation: “My foot fell asleep!” or “pins and needles.” But what if that feeling keeps returning or doesn’t go away? What if it’s accompanied by other symptoms such as numbness, pain, itch, skin changes, or muscle weakness? Something serious might be happening. Common causes of tingling include: 

  • Diabetes: A dangerous whole-body illness with complications that can affect foot health, diabetes often diminishes circulation to the extremities which can cause tingling.

  • Peripheral neuropathy: Consistent tingling sensations can be indicative of nerve damage and other nerve issues including neuroma, especially when the tingling is accompanied by other sensations such as a feeling that there is a pebble in your shoe or a sock bunched up under your toes.

  • Malnutrition: Poor diet can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals, and the body occasionally reacts to this with unusual sensations in the feet.

  • Trauma: An accident can damage the nerves and other soft tissues in the feet. 

If you notice tingling in your feet, first try stretching and moving. If you can, get up and take a walk for a minute or two. Often, these actions are enough to “reset” the foot and relieve the discomfort. If the tingling doesn’t get better or if it returns, a call to your foot doctor is in order. A board-certified podiatrist like Eric Kosofsky, DPM and Robert Rutstein, DPM is a specialist and the best-qualified medical professional to diagnose and treat the source of your issue. Schedule an appointment in our modern, comfortable offices in Hartford and Rocky Hill today. Call the friendly Hartford Podiatry Group staff at 860-523-8026 or click here to get started.