Foot and Ankle Exercises You Can Do at the Office


You know that stretching before exercise is important in order to warm up and prevent exercise. But what about stretching as part of your daily routine? There are many benefits to stretching every day: 

  • Maintain and improve strength and flexibility

  • Improve balance and range of motion, which can prevent falls resulting in foot and ankle injuries

  • Manage discomfort from inflammation and tightness

  • Reduce your risk of deformities including bunions and hammertoes

  • Ease daily heel pain related to plantar fasciitis

 Are you doing all you can to keep blood flowing and maintain range of motion? Here are some simple exercises you can do without even leaving your desk: 

  • Begin by taking off your shoes and sitting in your chair. Massage the soles of the feet by rolling a golf ball or tennis ball underfoot.

  • Hold your leg behind your thigh. “Write” the alphabet in the air with your toes. Point and flex the toes 10 times on each foot. Roll the ankle first in one direction, then the other. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side as well.

  • Let go of your leg. Place a pencil on the floor. Use your toes to pick it up. Do this five times with each foot.

  • Stand up and hold on to the edge of your desk, raise onto your toes and hold for a count of 10. Repeat 10 times.

  • Sit down, wiggle your toes, and get back to your work day, confident that you’ve taken smart steps to protect foot and ankle health. 

Sometimes, despite your best effort, illness or injury strikes. If you have a concern about the health or wellness of your feet, ankles, or lower legs, a visit to a board-certified podiatrist like Dr. Eric Kosofsky and Dr. Robert Rutstein is in order. With years of specialized training and experience, your foot doctor is a medical expert and the best doctor to care for this part of your body. Schedule a visit in Hartford Podiatry Group’s modern, comfortable offices in Hartford and Rocky Hill. Call our friendly staff at 860-523-8026 or click here to get started today.