Becoming Familiar with Enchondromas


Have you ever heard of an enchondroma? Pronounced en-kon-DRO-ma, this is a type of non-cancerous (benign) tumor that begins in the cartilage contained within the bones. They are most frequently found in the hands but are also common in the feet and legs. It is not known what causes enchondromas to develop. They occur across all ethnicities and are found in males and females. Young people in their early 20’s are most at risk.

In the majority of cases, enchondromas are asymptomatic. This means that they do not cause pain or any other issues. In fact, many are discovered only during the course of a routine examination or during the process of diagnosing or treating another condition. Typically enchondromas are solitary tumors; they occur one at a time. Occasionally, multiple tumors may develop as part of more rare conditions including Ollier's disease or Maffucci's syndrome. Fortunately, enchondromas rarely become cancerous.

If your doctor is concerned that you have developed an enchondroma, she or he will likely perform a thorough examination, probably including imaging tests like x-rays. Most enchondromas do not require treatment. However, if multiple tumors develop, they can weaken the bone and cause it to fracture. In such cases, surgery for the removal of the enchondromas may be appropriate.

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