Getting Ready for an Appointment with Your Podiatrist


Have you scheduled an appointment to see a foot doctor? Terrific! A visit with a board-certified podiatrist is often the first step toward healthy and pain-free feet, ankles, and lower legs. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular patient with a new concern, you might be wondering what you should do to prepare for your appointment. Here are some tips from Dr. Eric Kosofsky and Dr. Robert Rutstein

  • Take a few moments to really contemplate your symptoms. Has something changed about the shape of your foot? If you’re experiencing pain, where is it located? Is it stabbing? Throbbing? Burning? When did your discomfort begin? Is it worse in the morning or the evening? Does it increase with activity and abate with rest, or is it happening nonstop?

  • Write down your questions and bring them with you, along with any relevant medical records or test results and a list of your current medications, including dosages.

  • Place a call to your insurance company and make sure you understand your coverage related to your appointment.

  • Don’t worry about anything related to the appearance of your feet and legs! Our doctors are used to legs that aren’t freshly shaven and toenails that haven’t seen a recent pedicure. In fact, that pretty polish can keep our doctors from gathering important information during your visit. The natural appearance of your toenails often offers clues to foot health. 

If you are experiencing foot pain, or if you have any other concern about the health and wellness of your feet, ankles, or lower legs, it’s time to see your podiatrist. She or he is a medical specialist who brings years of education and experience to each appointment and is the best-qualified doctor to diagnose and treat your issue. 

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