Orthotics Provide Relief for Foot Pain


Every day, patients come to Hartford Podiatry Group to see Dr. Eric Kosofsky and Dr. Robert Rutstein, seeking relief from foot and ankle pain. This discomfort originates from a variety of sources including (but not limited to):

Whenever a man, woman, or child comes to the office, the first thing that our board-certified podiatrists do is begin with a thorough examination of the feet, ankles, and lower legs. This may include diagnostic testing or imaging such as x-rays. Based on the information he collects, and drawing on years of specialized training and experience, the doctor then arrives at a specific and accurate diagnosis. We then work with you to create an individualized and effective plan for treatment and any necessary follow up care. Often this plan will include computer-generated custom orthotics, special shoe inserts made just for you. 

If your doctor prescribes orthotics, it’s because he knows that these custom devices will provide the cushioning and support that you need to be able to wear shoes, stand, and walk without discomfort. Orthotics can correct issues related to foot deformity, posture, gait, and more. Over-the-counter inserts, available at pharmacies and big box stores, claim to do the same but, of course, they are no match for devices created to fit only your feet and address your particular issues.   

If you are living with foot pain, the first step toward comfort is to schedule a visit with a board-certified foot doctor like Eric Kosofsky, DPM and Robert Rutstein, DPM. These doctors are medical specialists and the most qualified professionals to care for your feet, ankles, and lower legs. Make an appointment to come in to Hartford Podiatry Group’s comfortable, state-of-the-art offices in Hartford and Rocky Hill today. Call our friendly staff at 860-523-8026 or click here to get started.