Chronic Venous Insufficiency Is a Problem for Your Feet and Legs

Chronic Venous Insufficiency is a problem for many Hartford Podiatry Group patients. It causes a variety of symptoms and requires the expert care of a board-certified podiatrist. Before you can understand why Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is a problem for your feet and legs, you need a basic understanding of how your circulatory system works.


 Your heart pumps out blood through the arteries, and your body uses the oxygen the blood carries for survival.  When the blood is depleted of oxygen, veins bring it back to the heart and the process begins again.

 The veins in your legs have a hard job to do. They are both farthest from your heart and working against gravity. To support their efforts, the leg muscles gently squeeze the deep veins. One-way flaps assist in directing the oxygen-poor blood in the legs back to the heart. When the muscles engage, the valves open; when the muscles relax, the veins close. This is called the venous pump. When the flaps fail and the veins in your legs cannot effectively do their job, CVI occurs.

 Symptoms of CVI include:

  •  swollen ankles or calves

  • tired, restless, or achy feelings in the legs

  • skin changes including sores, rashes, or extremely dry, flaky skin

 If you are concerned about CVI or anything else related to the heath and well-being of your feet, ankles, or lower legs, it’s time to see your podiatrist. Your foot doctor is an expert with years of specialized training and experience. She or he can offer treatment methods to alleviate the symptoms of CVI and can handle any other illness or injury that you might be dealing with.

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